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What do I do?


I create professional photos for your portfolio, your online presence and your marketing and PR measures.
Architectural photography

Architectural photography is an important medium for documenting, recording and communicating architecture and designed space. It conveys the dimensions and character of a place as well as the emotions associated with it.

However, architectural photography goes beyond pure documentation: it interprets and tells its own story of architecture through visual representation. In a way, it determines how the designed space is perceived and is decisive for how we see and understand architecture. Architectural publications would be inconceivable without corresponding images.

Interior photography

Interior photography is used to present the design, atmosphere and special features of the rooms created. For interior architects and interior designers, the photographic presentation of completed projects is important as a reference.

Professional photographs help to leave a lasting impression on viewers and potential customers: Shots that have a lasting effect and will still look good in your portfolio in a few years' time.

Real estate photography

When it comes to marketing or presenting an existing property, well-made and professional photos are crucial.

Above all, the property must be presented in an attractive light. This is the only way real estate agents, project developers or home staging providers can successfully draw their customers' attention to a particular property.

My services:
  • Architectural photography & architectural video

  • Interior photography

  • Real estate photography

  • Object documentation

  • Construction documentation: photography, time-lapse, video

  • Documentation of product applications 

Typical customer categories
Architects / Interior architects & interior designers / Landscape architects / Property developers & real estate developers / General contractors / Product manufacturers / Hotel & restaurants / Real estate agents and agencies / Industrial companies / Media and picture agencies / Publishers 

Typical photo uses
Portfolio of realized projects / showcases / competition submissions / publications in trade media / editorials / online digital marketing / social media

I specialize in architecture, interior design, offices, stores and workspaces. I also photograph real estate and industry.

How does a photo project work?


From planning to the finished photo
(architectural photography / interior photography)

Discussion of the order, inspection, appointment and preparations at the location.

  • Discuss project details, location, time frame and general image requirements
  • Requirements for photo use
  • Price calculation and cost estimate
  • Selection of views / perspectives and determination of specific motifs based on the position of the sun / time of day
  • Planning the recording date
  • Tour of the location (virtual and / or in person)
  • Definition of planned recordings on the floor plan

The actual photography including the arrival and departure times.         

  • On-site assessment of the weather situation and light quality
  • Carrying out the recordings
  • Interior shots: if required, rearrangement of the furniture or interior for optimal reproduction

Further processing of the image material consisting of: Image processing, image selection and dispatch, archiving, etc.

  • Editing/retouching of selected views in post-production
  • The customer receives a preview for review and verification
  • Discuss the images and clarify whether additional changes are required
  • Implementation of the final changes
  • The customer receives the final images in original resolution via download link
Current projects


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